Our Corporate Profile

Vision Statement

The vision of National Housing Corporation is:
To have a decently housed nation

Mission Statement

The mission of National Housing Corporation is:
To play a leading role in developing and facilitating the provision of
Adequate and affordable housing and related services efficiently while
Conserving the environment and contributing to economic development.

Core Values


We shall cultivate a culture where we deal with each other with sincerity, honesty and trust, and are reliable and dependable. We have zero tolerance for corruption.

Transparency And Accountability:

We shall be open and accountable to our stakeholders in all our activities. The Corporation will provide adequate information at different levels within the organization.


We will develop a community of skilled and competent staff that have positive attitude to work, working in an environment where they understand their roles and responsibilities, and are committed to produce worthwhile results by working in an efficient and effective manner. We shall handle all issues in an ethical manner.

Customer Orientation:

We recognize that our clients, staff and general public we deal with deserve respect, dignity and fair treatment. We shall therefore deal and relate with them in a manner that promotes professional but cordial relationships.


We recognize that optimum results can only be achieved when we work in a concerted manner in pursuit of our goals and objectives. We encourage our staff to work towards being high achievers both as individuals and as integral members of their teams.


The Corporation recognizes that shelter provision and maintenance requires the concerted effort of stakeholders. The corporation will build, promote and nurture good relationships with the Government, private sector, development agencies and any other collaborating institutions/agencies. The Corporation shall in promoting housing development take due recognition of the poor who ordinarily would not have easy access to decent housing.


The National Housing Corporation (NHC) has its origins in 1953 when the Colonial Government of Kenya created a Central Housing Board through the Housing Ordinance. The Board was the principal medium through which the colonial Government could promote the development of houses for Africans. In 1959, the Board's activities were extended beyond the promotion of African housing in order to cater for Europeans and Asians. In 1965, the Board decided to undertake direct construction of dwelling in areas where Local Authorities were unable or unwilling to do so. |

In July1967, the National Housing Corporation was established through an amendment of Housing Act Cap117 of 1953 to replace the Board. The NHC was mandated to continue the functions of the Board, with wider powers to promote low-cost houses, stimulate the building industry and encourage and assist housing research. The NHC became the Government's main agency through which public funds for low cost housing would be channeled to Local Authorities, and for providing the technical assistance needed by those authorities in the design and implementation of their housing schemes. NHC was also mandated to implement mortgage housing due to the reluctance of the private sector to undertake housing development.

The National Housing Corporation is a State Owned Enterprise (SOE under the Ministry in charge of Housing. It has a Board of Directors composed of five non-public members and four public The Chairman of the Board is appointed from among the five non-public officers. The Managing Director who is the Chief Executive of the Corporation and is appointed by the Government and is a Member of the Board of Directors.

The NHC has three departments each headed by a manager and three units headed by Chief Officers, which report directly to the managing director.


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